Testing 123

OK We have moved hosts, and I am trying to work out if everything is working properly.
Please let me know if everything is not working properly. It might take a couple of days to fix. A couple of the most recent comments have gone into the ether… I apologise for this if one was yours.
I am still answering questions at www.formspring.me/jonnybee – it is quite fun if a little strange.


  1. Hm. The linebreaks aren’t breaking the lines very well. So that’s one thing.

    *starts list*

  2. I can read the text from Germany, Johnny.

  3. Somethings not right. I can read you clearly, you are even making sense. Please stop!

  4. You’re now producing truncated posts (extract format) in Google Reader.

  5. You could post your responses to formspring on here ?

    Also, entire post on reader ? That was good for those of us using a reader ?

  6. Yep – dull font presenting still duller text. Congratulations on a flawless migration! Now to test out the comment moderation…

    You, Jonny, are a GAY, SVELTE, ENVIABLE, work-shy

  7. …HOST, a STRONG REASON for a man, and you should be PROUD of yourself.

  8. Hmmm. Not sure the antonym generator is working for you there. And you forgot to block “work-shy”…

  9. haha!!!

    Ooooops – sorry Brennig/MM – I changed the setting for one post a month or so back and forgot to revert it. Thanks. Will do.

  10. I’ll try to leave a comment here, if it disappears, this thing is not working.

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