Frederic Debreu


Frédéric Debreu is...

'Joyously-written, a warm and poignant tale that sits effortlessly in the grand tradition of British comic novels' - Saul Wordsworth, writer, author & creator of 'Alan Stoob'.

'Smart and Funny - I love Alex Marsh's writing. It makes me laugh, think, and wish I lived in England' - Jill Twiss, writer, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO/Sky Atlantic)

'Well-told, funny and full of expertly-drawn characters. A classic outsider's journey, and a knowing examination of man's need to rage against the dying of the light' - Neil Forsyth, writer, author & creator of BBC4's 'Bob Servant' series

Debreu English Chansons CD cover

Debreu: the music

sung by

John Watterson

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Who wants a respectable retirement, anyway?

Not Ted Prescott, genial visitor to Mailliot le Bois, here on an impulsive mission to seek out his past whilst heroically diminishing the sleepy French town’s stocks of red wine.

But once the locals discover Ted’s authentic renditions of regional hero Frédéric Debreu’s songs, life is suddenly not so straightforward for the stage-shy Derbyshire guitar-maker.

Reluctantly persuaded that he might help put their town back on the map, Ted finds himself billed as humble French farm labourer ‘Édouard Prescôte’. Nonplussed, as his self-conscious performances strike a chord, Ted finds himself drawn into a web of well-intentioned deceit that he finds increasingly hard to unravel.

Haunted by the loss of his missing brother, and with the hopes of an entire community riding on him, it soon becomes clear that there are other, more important things that he hasn't mentioned to his loved ones...

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