It is possible that the LTLP is right, and I am drinking too much. But she constantly loads the dishwasher incorrectly, and who is to judge which is worse?

“I’m just going to the bowls AGM,” I plead, when she makes an aside about me going out once more. “It’s just a meeting.”

On my return there is a certain froideur between us, as she examines my leg injuries with a critical air.

Personally, I blame the constant pressure of the government targeting me as a middle-class binge drinker for my binge drinking. But whilst they are at risk of causing a backlash, I have to admit that I might need to cut down a bit. The problem is that my own drinking is typical of many peoples’ in that I drink to get over an underlying problem; in my case this being that I find it difficult to get drunk otherwise. It is a catch-22 situation.

I went to Tesco this morning. “Not got your whisky this morning?” asked the cheerful assistant, which came as a bit of a shock to be honest. I have bought whisky a couple of times before (not just for me), but to be identified by a stranger as a regular 8.15am Scotch purchaser was a jolt. Later in the conversation she asked me how my chef’s job was going, but the revelation of this a case of mistaken identity did little to improve my peace of mind.

After Christmas I have decided to be teetotal. There is no point in me trying to cut down, I must just bite the bullet. It will not be fun, but I am determined.

52 thoughts on “I am spoken to.

  1. JonnyB says:

    A serious note is very welcome.

    No – I would be rubbish at cutting down. I do not do ‘cutting down’. That is why I need to give up completely, even if just for a couple of days.

  2. Oli says:

    I feel your pain, 10 days ago I stopped drinking after realising I was drinking rather more regularly than was good for me. That and im off to a pissup in Andora in January, need to start saving those pennies.

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