The Post Office is in danger!!!

Despite record profits, Mr Blair and his henchman Mr Crozier, who used to be in charge of the football, are pressing ahead with plans to close thousands (possibly millions) of post offices.

This seems very unfair and another instance of how this townie government is totally out of touch with the needs of communities who do not live in Islington.

They say that there is less need for post these days, because a lot of people use up-and-coming technology like email, but there are loads of things that you can’t really email, like love letters for instance. Or ransom demands. Or ransom demands that are also love letters.

Although we are lucky enough to have celebrities like Mr Otis Ferry standing up for the real issues that affect us countryside people, I am worried that people will just stand by and let Post Office closures happen. I have started writing a poem about it to raise awareness about the way our institutions are being picked off one by one. It goes (so far, first draft):

First they came for the branch lines, but I did not speak out because it was before I was born and we would have had a car anyway;
Then they came for the Milk Marketing Board, but I did not speak out because ‘Milk Marque’ seemed a fair enough replacement;
Then they came for Courts furniture shops, but I did not speak out because I thought Brucie would;
Then they came for the Post Offices. The bastards!!!

As I do not wish to cause panic or alarm, I should point out that nobody has said that the village Post Office is specifically threatened with closure, or indeed has mentioned anything at all. But it might happen and now is the time to take pre-emptive action before it is too late.

I will be working on this all week.