I have decided to do a big charity thing in aid of the Village Post Office. Tony Blair (Prime Minister) and Adam Crozier (head of the GPO) are looking to close post offices, and whilst they’ve not actually mentioned the Village one specifically, I feel that it might be in danger.


At some point this week, this journal will reach 100,000 readers, despite my efforts to keep it a secret. That means that 100,000 of you have demanded ‘no’ to Post Office closures by reading this for free – numbers which the powers-that-be cannot ignore.

But we need something else to make them sit up and take note. Hence POST 8.

Some of you must be record company executives/work for the BBC/Steve Wright googling for himself +”marrow”/are influential journalists. You will be vital in raising awareness.

I know we will be competing in the public mind with Bob Geldof’s event, but this is completely different and will have mass appeal, due to the power of the Internet. Plus I do not believe his lineup of Dido, The Swinging Blue Jeans etc is really relevant, and (between ourselves) I think he is actually a bit ignorant and imperialist by not including bands like Boney M, etc.

My first thought was to get famous local recording artist Allan Smethurst the Singing Postman to write a special single. Nobody could be more appropriate. But he is unfortunately dead. So there is another plan.

Continued tomorrow.