I upgraded the whole WordPress thing last night, having put this off for months and months, never having found the exact suitable moment.

Unfortunately, the exact suitable moment turned out to be at about eleven o’clock on a Saturday night when I was a bit pissed. I haven’t found anything too amiss with it this morning, but if you do find things going alarmingly wrong then please let me know in the comments box.

Other administrativey news stuff

Ooops – I logged on to Facebook yesterday and there were about a grillion friend requests, some of which were very, very old. Booooooo – I am rude. Sorry if you have sent me a request, and think me rude. I only really set up that account so I could leave a message on the Bizarre Appreciation Society to thank Oli and now Lawrence for setting it up. Although I don’t use Facebook, I am a bit more sociable on Twitter especially now I have worked out how to see replies that people have sent to you. So please do say ‘hello’ there.

And other

I’ve been sniggering stupidly at Bête de Jour’s book (‘The Intimate Adventures of an Ugly Man’), especially the bits about Dartford. (If you are an angry resident of Dartford, you can ‘search inside’ via the link, and type in ‘Dartford’, and then perhaps get your face in the local paper, holding the book, with a cross expression on your face). It is available, believe it or not, from Amazon – very much recommended.

Thank you for your patience during the Essential Maintenance, and for your continued enjoyment of my Private Secret Diary.

Essential!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!

15 thoughts on “I perform some essential maintenance.

  1. tillylil says:

    All seems fine to me Jonny.

  2. zed says:

    You’ve left a spanner in the post that you put up on 3rd June.

  3. I got all excited when I saw this in my GoogleReader, so much so that I Clicked On Your Blog… only to find that everything looks the same! I was expecting a new ‘look’, possibly a quiff or some sideburns.

  4. ellie says:

    I’m waiting for your secret diary to mention idaho.

  5. Blazing says:

    Do tell if anything, anything at all was required other than to click on the update button. Last time I did that I ended up going through a gazillion comments because a bunch of hieroglyphics had replaced the punctuation marks.

    …oh, and welcome back to civilisation.

  6. Z says:

    Time on your hands then, Jonny?

  7. “Essential!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!”

    “Enjoyment”!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!

    Home from Stalag Luft CentreParcs then, are you? Too bad you weren’t locked up long enough to drive you to exercise. Three years vaulting a pommel horse while the LTLP hid underneath it digging a tunnel with a rusty spoon would have just about seen you right. Not to mention the extra six months before you noticed that she’d finished it and left without you…

  8. Penelope says:

    You’re very welcome ;o)

  9. Richard says:

    I’ve been away, what essential maintenance? Was it broken?

  10. JonnyB says:

    I think – touch wood – that it is working.

    I have even managed to replace ‘admin’ with ‘jonnyb’ when I post a comment. Truly I am a web guru.

  11. AndyB says:

    JonnyB? Who’s that? And where’s good old Admin gone? Now he’s funny.

  12. Megan says:

    I do hope you remembered to put all the tools back where they belong. So infuriating when the screwdriver ends up in the utensil drawer instead of the tool box.

  13. Laura says:

    Jeez… just because I didn’t visit in a while doesn’t mean you had to up sticks and move!

    (ps. your logo is giant and doesn’t fit the screen properly)

    (pps. of course, this could just be my screen)

  14. JonnyB says:

    It’s called typographical design innit?

  15. guyana gyal says:

    I thought you’d change the blog’s name to Public Private Secret Diary, seeing that the JackNight[?] / NightJack[?] judge said that bloggers should not blog anonymously…something like that.

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