There is a knock on the door!!!

I breathe deeply before I go to answer it, as this time I know very well who the knocker is. In fact, I have been sitting patiently waiting all day, with my hair gelled into a trendy fashion and my best shirt on.

I subtly peek through the curtains to see the van parked in the lane. I am right!!! It is the Vegetable Delivery Lady on her last ever day at work.

I take a deep breath. Then another deep breath. Then I stand up and walk slowly to the door. My heart is pounding a bit as I walk through the kitchen, so I take another couple of deep breaths to compensate.

It is important to avoid a scene. Much as I like the foxy Vegetable Delivery Lady, we must both keep a stiff upper lip about our parting. I hope that she does not do anything foolish that we will both regret later.

Wearing a grin that is both welcoming and wolfish, and still breathing hard, I throw open the door.

“Hi!!!” I purr, adopting a cool leaning position on the doorframe.

“Hello!” she replies. “Here you go.”

She hands me my vegetable box which entails unadopting my leaning position. I breathe a bit more to compensate.

“Oooh they look good this week!” I enthuse.

“I’ll see you later, then.” She turns and steps away, playing it cool.

“Hang on!!!” I shout at her.

“What?” she asks, looking back and glancing at her watch, to check how much time we will have together.

“Hullo!!!” exclaims Short Tony, appearing from round the corner, and bounding insensitively into our Special Moment. It is like being on that ‘Neighbours from Hell’ programme on the telly. I shoo him inside, in some irritation.

“See ya then!” the Vegetable Delivery Lady waves from the van.

I wave morosely and stomp back into the house.

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