I prepare my DVD.

As regular readers will know, Clint, the important US Movie Studio Executive, has been sending me DVDs to review (well, one DVD). I said I didn’t want to carry advertising but was quite happy to review funny things as a service to my readers (plus it would come in handy as filler if nothing particularly interesting had happened in the village that day) (Plus it would mean I got free stuff).

It is of the first series of US Comedy ‘Third Rock from the Sun’. This is exciting for me, as I have heard of this programme, although I do not watch much television these days and so have not seen it and can approach with a mind full of openness.

The DVD box is extremely sturdy and glossy. My immediate impression is that fans of sturdy, glossy boxes would be very impressed with this. It’s even reinforced with a brace, so that when you remove the interior sleeve, the box remains sturdy and glossy rather than becoming floppy and glossy. This is a nice touch, and packaging enthusiasts everywhere will be nodding their heads in appreciation already.

The interior sleeve is just awesome. It immediately hits you with a big picture of an actress called Sally Solomon, who is quite a fit bird although they have not airbrushed out her hairy arm.

Then it sort of concertinas out in a very satisfying and clunky fashion, a bit like a modern fold-up pram.

If I have a criticism, it is of the blurb on the back. Blurb on the back is always rubbish. What I don’t know is whether it’s rubbish because the American-type breathless language comes across as cretinous to English people. Or whether American people think it’s rubbish as well. If the latter, then they should press to raise the standard of blurb writing in Hollywood, as it is doing their nation a disservice.

Anyway, this blurb isn’t really that bad, but I am really not interested in how many Emmys the actors have won. Or – more gratingly – how many Emmy®s the actors have won. That R with a circle in it really does put me off. It seems to be there to emphasise quite how much the Emmy® thing is about commerce and quite how little about art and stuff. I refuse to get involved with this. Emmy emmy emmy emmy. So sue me.

(Note to lawyers working for the Emmy company, please email me if you feel really strongly about this and I will add in the ® thing asap)

So, to continue with the commerce theme, and to allow you to catch up with what I’m saying and perhaps watch along with my review:

Click here to view the details of and purchase the DVD (UK version)

Click here to view the details of and purchase the DVD (Region 1, US version, note will not work in anywhere in the world other than the US so do not get this if your DVD player will be incompatible)

Continued tomorrow. Although you can probably guess where this is going.