My DVD doesn’t work!!!

Eagerly, I settle down with the LTLP on the comfortable green sofa. As it is a special occasion I allow her to perform a hug on me, rather than insisting on our usual separate sofa arrangement.

But there is a sort of clunky noise followed by a ‘wrong region’ error message.

It seems outrageous that they allow DVDs to be sold that are programmed not to work in Norfolk. But that is the lot of us countryside folk – we are discriminated against and oppressed.

I send Clint the Movie Business Executive a sad email. He is very understanding, and tells me that I can keep the DVD anyway.

So my dabble in the commercial waters of reviewdom ends in disaster. I thought I’d be able to write something quite funny, then send you all off to buy it via my Amazon link, and become rich on the proceeds.

But it was not to be. I am depressed.

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  1. Wo Google mich den ganzen Tag hinbringt 🙂 Fabelhafte Seite, ich werde wieder vorbeischauen.

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