My DVDs have arrived!!!

Regular readers will know that I have a new friend, Clint, the American movie executive. That will teach Short Tony to go on holiday for several weeks.

“Here you go,” offers the Post Lady. “Is this for you?”

“That’s right,” I say importantly, noting the customs declaration thing on the front that tells people that I have glamorous overseas contacts. I am a bit disappointed in that it is a plain brown padded envelope and not one of the big gold ones that they normally use in Hollywood.

I sign my name with a flourish.

The Post Lady goes away, to tell all her friends that I have had a parcel from Hollywood (in contravention of her secret employment contract, although I would not report her to the authorities), and I stand at the door, proudly.

As she leaves, I feel a small pang of guilt.

I may be receiving gifts from fat cat Hollywood moguls, but she is not. What right do I have to sign my name with a flourish? As you may know, there are plans to close about a million Post Offices in the UK and although my post office is not particularly threatened, sooner or later she will lose her job and have to sign on or work in a call centre.

I hold my movie in my hand and hang my head. I did release my Post Office closure protest song, but it did not get to number one and thus there was little awareness raised of this issue that might or might not happen.

If only I could do something else. Something that would really raise the profile of the ‘Don’t Close the Post Office’ campaign.

I rack my brain to think of something, as I stand at the door, holding my movie in my hand.