There is a ring on the doorbell!!!

I am all excited, but it is only the pregnant LTLP who is interrupting my television-watching. She puts down two bags of heavy shopping and returns to the car.

I watch with concern as she bends down to get more heavy bags from the boot, and I hurry to help.

“I really don’t think you should be bending down and lifting things like that in your condition,” I warn her. “Next time, why don’t you take the other car? The boot is more accessible.”

She gives me a Look. I feel the skin on my face starting to blister under the assault of the eye molecules.

“I would have gone, next week, I promise,” I promise.

The fact is, that my household chores have taken a bit of a back seat recently, what with the tits-upness of the current thing that I am working on. Doing more than one thing in the day (eg doing some work and also going shopping) is not something that males are very good at doing due to genetic reasons going back to needing a bit of a rest after hunting a woolly mammoth. I know I will need to buck my ideas up. I am quite a new man as regular readers know, and do cooking and ironing etc, but in a few months there will be lots of work with nappies etc and I really want to give her a hand with this.

I unload the rest of the bags and leave them on the top of the work surface so it is easier for her to put everything away.