If blogsitting is anything like babysitting, then I’m a little fearful that I’ll be the kind of irresponsible sitter who has a drunken party in the house while the parents are away.

A drunken party where someone will, assuredly, urinate off the balcony and vomit in the fishbowl.

And the parents will come back after a long, hard night of having cocktails with their friends and laughing about how their once-hot friend Lois got really fat and all the botox in the world won’t cover it up.

These, the very parents who diligently checked my references and made sure that I was not a crack-user or a prostitute or a unicyclist or anything weird like that.

And they will see their house in shambles. They will see urine on the balcony. They will see vomit in the fishbowl. They will see an EXTREMELY unhappy fish. And they will say to themselves, “Why did we ever let HER babysit?”

This is what I fear.

Hi, I’m Jill. I’ll be your blogsitter for the week. Thank you to JonnyB for the kind introduction. Please try not to throw up in the fishbowl. Thank you.