I realise that two posts a day probably goes against some form of blog rule, but this is not Jonny. This is the LTLP. Jonny may not be able to post anything tomorrow, or the day after. Apparently it can be difficult from UNDER THE PATIO.

Marriage is great. For starters, you know someone so well that you can guess their ridiculously easy passwords and post something on their blog.

The sherade is over Jonny. I know about the cleaner (for new readers see the past few days posts).

Of course in retrospect, like all deceptions, there were the tell tale signs. Like the fact that things had been cleaned properly, and in a reasonable time scale rather than the 12 hours it takes Jonny to vacumn one room.

The other thing about being married is that you try to take an interest in your other halfs life. That was of course my down fall. You see, normally I don’t have time to catch up on Jonny’s blogging activity. What with me having a NORMAL JOB and all that. In case this doesn’t apply to you or you can’t remember what one’s like, this usually equates to working 12 hours a day, half of which can’t be spent fucking about with virtual friends on the internet. But today I thought I would throw caution to the wind and log on.

I am considering my options for revenge. Apparently it can be very sweet.