Every other random blog I click on appears to be a ‘Blog for Bush’ site. Where have they all come from?!?

Initially I was quite excited by this, as I quite like her early stuff, particularly ‘Babooshka’.

A typical entry might go:

March 9th

A _letter_ in the West Oklahoma Express Mail blows the lid on the extent traitor Kerry negotiated with Viet Cong as recently as 1994, grandstanding with the enemy as more American families were being blown apart by… (etc).

This will be followed by a comment forum with entries like:

“Yeah! What you wont see on the LIBERAL MEDIA is fag ass kerry 1987 voted against bill that would have stopped monkeys SODOMISING american kids and this man claims to stand for justice it makes you laugh if it wasnt so sick.”

?!?! As a normal, relaxed, laid back bloke, I find the whole phenomenon just really odd. There’s clearly a massive cultural gulf here between the countries.

That is, American morons are interested in politics, whereas British morons are just interested in football and lager and programmes presented by Steve Penk.

I can’t work out what I prefer. These bush blogs are quite cute, in a sort of student-politics-bless-them-it’s-nice-that-they-get-involved-roll-your-eyes sort of way. I just don’t get people that are so utterly convinced they’re right and so utterly convinced the other fellow is the Antichrist. This goes for any blogs for Kerry sites as well, if they exist, before Bush fans start ganging up with the dog owning extremists.

Whereas you do wish that British morons would at least take more of an interest. If I get time, I might set up an equivalent over here: ‘Bloggers for Charles Kennedy’. I need to think of a better name.

I know quite a lot about foreign policy, through my regular games of Risk, and will investigate further this afternoon, having a long session arranged with Short Tony and Big A.