Or: “My life, encapsulated in one little vignette.”

  1. I see on Twitter that somebody locally has found a dog lying beside the main road. They have posted a picture of its body, with a view to locating the owner.
  2. I am shaken to recognise the dog. It belongs to friends of mine. I procrastinate for a little bit, because it is not a nice conversation to have. Then I pick up the phone to them.
  3. There is thirty seconds of awkward smalltalk, before I broach the: ‘it’s about your missing dog’ topic.
  4. There is some confusion. Their dog has not actually gone missing. It is there, beside them, going ‘woof’ and stuff. I have got the wrong dog.
  5. However they have also been aware of this other missing dog. So much so that they are able to tell me that the real owner had been traced the previous day.
  6. And that the dog is not actually dead. It is perfectly fine. The photo simply showed it having a bit of a lie down, as dogs often do.
  7. I do not really know that much about dogs.

2 thoughts on “A short chain of events involving a dog.

  1. brennig says:

    Perhaps it might be time to remove the ‘Missing dog expert’ entry from your CV? Did Jake Thackray every write a song about a missing dead/not dead dog? If not he should have. Maybe you should (in the style of Jake, obv)?

  2. JonnyB says:

    ‘Ulysses’ was about a dog who was not dead. But to be honest I think it would need to be a more specific missing-dog-related song to make it to the soundtrack of the movie that will undoubtedly be made of my exciting ‘lost dog’ escapade.

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