‘The Resurrection of Frederic Debreu’ will be out on May 5th.

There’s a small amount of info about it here; you can pre-order signed copies (including ones that come with a nice little bonus thing) here. Or you could just hop down to your local bookshop, or go to Hive or even Amazon.

Thank you to everybody who helped with it, and that, once more, means all the people who have read this blog over the years: the ones who gave me the confidence to continue writing.

There’s hopefully a little bit of buzz around this particular book, which is nice, and I’ve been floored by the endorsement of a few people who – well, all I can say is that I’m blown away to have their acknowledgement at all. So here’s hoping that it’s a success. I can’t act all cool about this – I’d love it to be.

That’s it for now. It’s – er – possible that I might write a bit more about it over the next few weeks.