Happy Boxing Day.

Due to the vomiting disease, my usual Christmas message was delayed.

Happy Boxing Day, everybody. I hope you enjoyed your turkeys.


  1. It’s too early to comment on our turkeys; we’ve only just kicked off.

    Against Manchester City which, as harbingers of doom go, is about as big as they come.

    Compliments of the season; outstanding blog.

  2. What no beef for Xmas dinner Jonny?

  3. Given enough beef in close succession, Tillylil, a dose of vomiting is sure to follow.

    Not sure I buy the vomiting bug thing tho’, Jonny. It’s not fair to blame some loathsome little parasite for your own laziness, especially when you can out-loathsome-parasite the Norovirus any day of the week…

  4. were you in hospital? Did you see the duke of Edinburgh there?
    Is he really Irish?

  5. This post is Discriminating. What about people who don’t eat meat? There’s no greeting for them. Like, I hope you enjoy your cauliflower. Or Beans. Or pees…or is that peas?

  6. Was it the beef?
    Hope for a swift recovery and a Happy New Year for you and yours.

  7. Errm, Jonny. I hope this is not you who has expired. Please write to let us know your status. I will be most cross if you have expired and will not visit your blog again. Yours, etc. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/8988876/Human-remains-found-on-Sandringham-Estate.html

  8. Speak up, JonnyB, let us know the beef hasn’t done you in.

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