A rare personal appearance if you’re in Norfolk and want to pop along…

Pork pies

Some pork pies, yesterday.

I’ll be at the market at Creake Abbey tomorrow morning (6 November) in a dual role – firstly helping the Pie Lady (from page 151) to sell her delicious pork pies; secondly to sign a few books for Christmas. It will be, as far as we are aware, retail’s first ‘book and pork pie’ stall.

And whereas Tony Blair wanted armed guards for his book appearances, we are hoping to work out some sort of ‘book and pie’ joint deal, which is far more civilised. Honestly, had we have been in charge, Iraq would have never happened.

If you’re in the vicinity, hope to see you there…

12 thoughts on “Creake Abbey market

  1. A “book and pork pie” stall might be an unusual combination, but it’s probably a safe one for you. After all, given the quality of your book, you wouldn’t want the other half of the stall to be, say, over-ripe vegetables and half-bricks…

  2. ajb1605 says:

    There are many images of local produce on the Creake Abbey Market page, but as yet, no sign of a giant turnip. This could be remedied tomorrow!

  3. guyana gyal says:

    Well, the Iraqis wouldn’t want you there with pork pies. Not even if you holler they’re halal.

    I see eggs. Are they yours? I mean, not yoursyours, but from the chickens which are yours. Will you autograph them?

  4. spazmo says:

    “Merry Christmas! Here is a book of whimsy, signed by the author!”

    “What are these brown smudges?”

    “Pork pie!”

  5. Z says:

    “A rare personal appearance” in Norfolk? But you live here. I never saw you as a recluse.

    I’m afraid I’m away from the county myself so once again we are doomed not to meet.

  6. JonnyB says:

    Golly – I have seen the future of book retailing, and it has a water pastry crust…

  7. ST says:

    This new relationship explains why he’s recently been looking quite pasty.

  8. Strop says:

    Oooooh. Those pies look delectable. Is the book anything like as delicious?

  9. tillylil says:

    Did you sell many pork pies?

  10. Pat says:

    ‘Did you sell many pork pies?’
    Never mind the pies – did you sell any books?

  11. JonnyB says:

    Books and pies sold out, apart from the books.

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