Booooo – the Toddler’s nursery has gone bust. So I have had no time to write an’ stuff, what with the looking after her.

But in the meantime, a short piece of mine appeared on the excellent Newsarse website. Newsarse is great – often laugh-out-loud funny, and has many more hits than misses, which is unusual for the genre.

And I was interviewed by Bren and Soph of This Reality Podcast. (Starting at about 18:15 in, if you’re in a hurry). This was actually from a while back, but I hadn’t got round to linking to it. If you haven’t heard TRP yet, I’ve very much got into it – it’s a really nice, relaxed hour or so of chat, generally about unsigned bands and films – and the presenters’ love for those topics comes through. (Although to be fair, Bren did get a little hung up about speed limits on this particular show. Most of the time, the show is not about speed limits.)

Anyway, it was a very enjoyable chat – Bren and Soph have followed Private Secret Diary for years, and it was great to talk to them. There’s some quite interesting stuff in there about anonymous blogging, if you’re into that sort of thing (“hahaha, you pseud!!!” – the LTLP). Aside from that, it will be interesting for stalky JonnyB completists.

I have to go. She is smashing up the guitars.

18 thoughts on “Short update

  1. To make my day complete, please let her be smashing up the guitars with the banjo

  2. jonathan says:

    I can’t believe I have never come across Newsarse before, it’s tremendous, I’ll never be able to look the BBC website straight in the eye again. There’s a fantastic piece if you scroll down about Parents opening new schools which deals a better knockout blow to that particular Tory brainwave than 117 episodes of Newsnight could hope to manage. And I loved your piece obviously- the detail re Alan Ball being presented on completely the wrong scale a moment of particular genius.

  3. Me likewise re Newsarse. Tis a good site, and your piece is excellent. Sorry to hear about bankrupt nursery. I am officially Worried now – it didn’t occur to me that such things could happen. Recession, eh? It’s all a bit Groundhog Day for us 80s chicks.

  4. spazmo says:

    Now that’s TWO podcasts you’ve got me onto: Angry & Cliff’s, and now Brennig & Sophie’s.

    Now that the toddler’s out of school, I guess her entertainment options are limited to A) looking at the duck pond, B)wandering through the churchyard, or C) smashing Dad’s guitars.

  5. kermit says:

    Perhaps you could do a video/song for the nursery like you did for the post office to keep it from closing?

    As for Newsarse,it is delightful. The American version is The Onion, which sometimes is actually mistaken for real news.

  6. Richard says:

    Now that you’re a multinewmedia superstar personality isn’t it incumbent upon you to donate a portion of your new-found riches to keep the nursery open?

  7. Megan says:

    I find her avoidance of banjo smashage to be most mysterious – and possibly sinister. Not only would it be an enjoyable activity, quite satisfying with the inevitable comedy ‘BOOIIING’ noise it would make, but it would be an act of piety and a boon to society.

    Not wanting to alarm you, but I think it’s possible your toddler is inherently evil. [note: this comes from a position of knowledge as I myself am inherently evil and have successfully raised several precociously wicked offspring.]

  8. David says:

    I hope you dont mind but Ive referenced you on my blog today. You might be inundated by my reader. Hope you cope

  9. David says:

    If you want to read the post, and in doing so swell my readership to 2 and therefore making me more popular than I was at the start of this post, help yourself

  10. JonnyB says:


    Christ – I just don’t believe I didn’t think of that. It’s a bit late now. But… d’oh!!! It would have been another Internet event and everybody would have seen it and blogged about it and…

    Oh. Just realised that it is not 2005.

    It was a great idea though.

    David: Hullo!!! And thank you. But LESS OF THE RUDDY-FACED PLEASE.

    Nice to see the good comments about Newsarse. 99.9999999999999% of it is not written by me, so I can unbiasedly say yes – it’s really good stuff.

  11. ajb1605 says:

    Speaking of Short updates, how the hell is he? Have you fallen out? Is he going to turn up buried under the chicken run?

  12. Pat says:

    Why not start your own nursery? Think of the money you’ll save and even make.
    I only wanted to hear your voice so clicked on the pod cast thingy and it goes on for ever before you appear. Still – worth waiting for 🙂

  13. Martin Q says:

    Is it wrong to be a stalky JonnyB completist?

    What is a completist, anyway?

  14. Z says:

    I’m terribly excited. I’ve just had an email to say that numerous copies of your book have been despatched to me. Next week, I shall have no need to stalk, for I will have you right here. In a sense.

  15. Martin Q says:

    Hmmm. I am sure I ordered two copies of the book. But Amazon proudly and stubbornly declares that it has sent the sole copy that I ordered to my Dad. So I will not be able to read it after all. I shall ask him if it was any good though. (As Fathers Day presents go, the odds are already stacked against it, however, as it will by now be several weeks late.)

  16. JonnyB says:

    Short Tony is fine thank you Andy – we bought some more chickens!!! (report to follow).

    Amazon have indeed sent it out – – – but I don’t know anything about quantities. All I get is a vague ‘we have sent them out’ thing…

  17. Martin Q says:

    Booo – I wanted to hold you personally responsible for my evident failure to order the correct quantity!!!

  18. Brennig says:

    Thanks very much for the mention. The interview was a pleasure. I’d like to tell people that you’re as dry and witty in real-life as you are on your blog, but I wouldn’t want to be accused of spoilerising your book.

    p.s. Sorry we’re late with this. Manically busy. xx

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