It is spring!!! So we have decided to go away for an extended weekend somewhere, to celebrate the fact.

The chickens will not be travelling with us, so Short Tony is tasked to look after them. I am hoping that there will be no fowl pox in my absence, but if there is then he is quite capable of coping.

We are travelling quite light, as the LTLP can’t seem to fit into a lot of her usual clothes for some reason. But that means that I will be able to take more pants. We’ll be back next week sometime. I have turned the comments off to foil the spammers.

* * *

I was a bit gobsmacked (although nicely so) to be featured in the acknowledgements of Zoe Margolis’s new book along with a few other of the old/old-middle school blogging people. It is very humbling, but credit where credit’s due, and she would be nothing without me, nothing. I am just about to start reading the book itself (obviously I have read the acknowledgements page 1000000 times), but suggest it would make a good present for somebody, although perhaps not your Auntie Jean, or loony hook-handed ex-Imam of Finsbury Park Mosque, Sheikh Abu Hamza.

(Yes – I know she writes as Abby Lee. It is confusing, I appreciate.)

* * *

Since I wrote, months and months ago, about the highlight of my rock music career – supporting indie rock legends the Sultans of Ping – I have bizarrely and coincidentally encountered two whole people who were in the audience that night. So I’m writing this here so that it’ll be picked up by Google and hopefully more will come forward, and I will organise an audience reunion, with warm beer in plastic mugs and perhaps a fight at chucking out time. The LTLP may come, but she never really rated my musical career, and she is not drinking at the moment, anyway.

* * *

Finally – a happy announcement!!!

I will be making a happy announcement in a week or so when I have told all the people face-to-face that I should tell that way. I have been very careful not to let the cat out of the bag, inadvertantly drop hints etc. etc. so I hope my news will be a lovely surprise for you all. I can’t wait to say something, but you mustn’t rush me.

Enjoy your weekends, everybody.