Oooops I am really busy sorrysorrysorry

‘Across Tennessee by Kia’ will continue very shortly, when I will take the LTLP to a posh restaurant, bowling her over with my extravagance.

I am really, really busy at the moment. That will teach me to complain on Twitter that I am not busy at all and need more work. The problem is that if I stop doing work and start writing this then before you know it I am pissing about on the Internet, and I am struggling for time as it is, without pissing about on the Int…

Hang on! Here is video of Sonny Smith playing the banjo!


  1. Is it compulsary to be that shape to play in a Bluegrass band? It all makes sense now – the banjo, large quantites of ale at the Village Pub – the visits to the Pie Shop – you’re trying to achieve the qualification standard, aren’t you?

  2. Wow, that’s fast, but sort of “ding-y”

  3. Stellar music. That fat guy is amazing.
    Actually, I’d better clarify – the fat guy on the far right is amazing.

  4. ajb – yes it is. Mostly because that’s the general shape they make blue overalls in and, obv, nothing less will do. I admit there could be a chicken-and-egg question about which came first, but personally I ascribe to side-by-side evolution over thousands of years eventually bringing us to this perfect symbiotic balance. [note: I lived for a year in Virginia (and survived) AND as a child was forced to go to folk festivals, thus the expertise]

  5. With that amount of exercise, you’d think his fingers would be thin. Those are some fast-moving, fat finners!

  6. I think all 3 of those guys are in GREAT shape.

    Round IS a shape.

    Talented fingers, all 3 of them. Great finger-pickin’. Is that really “Folk”? Or does that fall into the C&W category? Somehow I can’t hear Joan Baez singing along to that…

  7. That particular body shape puts the intrument in a more convenient position for high speed finger pickin’.

  8. For future reference, Jonny, chasing the high score on Tetris does not count as “busy”, no matter how difficult your chubby blue-grass fingers make it to use the keyboard…

  9. “That particular body shape puts the instrument in a more convenient position for ??? OH, phew, high speed finger pickin'” Had me worried there for a moment.

  10. Oh I say. That’s very impressive. Can we have a recording of you playing the banjo next, please?

  11. Wow that is beyond brilliant. And they played my favourite too. Now I understand.

  12. I am totally the right shape to be a world class banjo player.

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