Hullo everyone.

There seems to have been a bit of unscheduled service disruption, viz the whole thing went a bit tits up last night.

I don’t know why, but my best people are on the case.

Thanks to those who contacted me, and sorry for the inconvenience – something seemed to go quite seriously wrong with either WordPress or the host itself. I’m now going to play about with things for a bit to check they’re still working, which is annoying as I should be cooking a tortilla.

If you spot anything amiss, please do leave a comment.


21 thoughts on “Testing 123

  1. AndrewM says:

    All seems to work now.

  2. UglyGrump says:

    Tweet received.

    Don’t see anything amiss.

    Ain’t technology a great way to waste time.

    Give my love to the chickens.


  3. Mr Farty says:

    Looks ok from the moby.

  4. JonnyB says:

    Thank you. I am assured by the hosting company that things are back to normal. They are good.

    Er – where were we, then?

  5. Lionel says:

    I think you were about to update us on your transport solution (unless the imminent flooding of the chicken run’s put that on hold).

  6. Actually, Lionel, he was about to cook a tortilla. I’d rather he stuck with that plan, to be honest, as it keeps him off the keyboard and simultaneously exposes him to mortal danger from the toxic combination of his all-around incompetence and the many dangerous objects to be found in a standard kitchen. So far as I can see there is simply no possible downside…

  7. Gordon says:

    So, if it wasn’t working fine, how would be able to leave comments to tell you that??

    Eh? EH!!!

    It’s obvious you are far more concerned with the cookage of said tortilla than with your blog readers.

    For shame!

    So, do we get the recipe or not?

  8. walter says:

    I spotted a little glitch when a comment relating to cars apearing to be from you claimed that a reliant was similar to a thunderbird, or some such.

  9. walter says:

    and spelling mistakes are being added rather unfairly.

  10. Saltation says:

    the blog’s fine. the tortilla’s not lookin real flash, but.

  11. Craigaroonie says:

    Amiss? Things amiss?
    Where do I start?
    Let’s go with frequency. Lift your frequency of postings and we’ll overlook a few other things amiss.
    (cough grammar, spelling, puncuation cough.)

    Hey, you started it!!

  12. Craigaroonie says:


    He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.


  13. Blazing says:

    ‘Twas worrying for a while there, Jonny. Perhaps you have inadvertantly pointed out a reason for joining this ‘twatter’ nonsense everybody is on about. I will have to Google it later and see if I can make head or tail of it.

  14. JonnyB says:

    It is still working!!! That is almost 24 hours constant running. Which is on a par with my old Reliant.

    The tortilla was a success in the end. Ladies!!! I can repair SQL databases AND cook tortillas.

  15. I've Given Up Being Mugged says:

    I thought you’d deleted the blog and I’d not have to read it anymore.

    I note I was wrong.

  16. tillylil says:

    I got a load of old twaddle = thought I had to do something technical, but happily not.
    So pleased to see normal service is resumed.

  17. Oli says:

    It’s all looking good here!

    Looking forward to the next update!

  18. funny thing says:

    the knob off my air in/out control-thingummy in my car has gone amiss. dropped off, without a by-your-leave. can’t find it anywhere. would you like more details? i can take photos, if you would like….

  19. Pat says:

    Saltation : don’t you mean ‘Though’ not ‘but’.
    Just curious.
    On topic: the thing I absolutely dread is when those sliding things at the edges of comment boxes slide out of control and it’s like trying to thread a needle when you are very drunk. I imagine.

  20. Z says:

    Did you never listen to The Likely Lads, Pat? I thought you were a girl of the North (wrong side of the country, I suppose)

    I spot nothing amiss Jonny, so I have no need to leave a comment.

  21. guyana gyal says:

    And what if we don’t spot anything amiss…?

    One tortilla? That’s all?

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