24 thoughts on “Horribly, horribly busy.

  1. Jane says:

    I think the LTLP has finally had it with Jonny and he’s been forced to take up residance in the toddlers wendy house which neighbours the chicken coup.

  2. Valerie says:


    The Toddler’s getting a wendy house? I’m jealous. I always wanted one of those when I was little. Though on my side of the Atlantic we just call ’em play houses.

  3. Valerie says:

    Aw, nuts. Almost first.

  4. brennig says:

    It’s a closely-guarded secret but…

    JB’s moved in with the chickens.

  5. Pat says:

    I know you’ve got company. Are you going to be doing an Oddie and Bumble Spring Watch?

  6. Busy? You? Ha! That’s the funniest thing I’ve read here for a while.

    Try not to drink the wood treatment, now, Jonny. Your accelerating decline into alcoholism has been the subject of some concern amongst commenters on this site. I myself am not so worried, partly because the idea of you ending up as a piss-drenched tramp screaming at the pigeons behind Tesco is far more amusing than your adventures in bowling, but mostly because becoming a fully-fledged alcoholic involves a form of consistent effort and willpower wholly alien to your nature. That said, the recent ersatz cider incident is proof that you will drink anything if the whim takes you, so I’m getting my intervention in early. Friends don’t let friends drink ammoniacal copper arsenate…

  7. sablonneuse says:

    Who’s going to look after the chickens? You can’t expect them to produce eggs in commercial quantities if you neglect them.

  8. Duck says:

    Clue’s in the word ‘horribly’

    I think he’s killed them and will be feeding them to the chickens. The whole wendy house thing is a red herring.

  9. NAGA says:

    Oh no…poor Wendy!

  10. Pat says:

    Duck: who’s ‘them’? Not Oddie and Bumble for heaven’s sake?

  11. Pat says:

    P.S. Oddie and Bumble are two presenters presently conducting a TV ‘Spring Watch’ in Norfolk.

  12. tillylil says:

    How can you be so busy as to desert us all for a week.
    I hope you don’t treat your chickens quite so neglectfully!!

  13. Duck says:

    Phew, Pat. I was worried for a second there. So they’re safe then. 🙂

  14. SarahP says:

    Come on Jonny own up, your chickens couldn’t produce the eggs needed for the wedding cake so you’ve gone in to hiding. It’s no use you know the bride will catch up with you at some point!

  15. gargravarr says:

    i only come here for ivan, anyway.

  16. Oh come on, we all know you’re organising a motivational team-building weekend for your chickens! And when they’ve supplied enough eggs for that cake you make it look as if it wasn’t any trouble at all… 😉

  17. johng says:

    Who’s Wendy? And who’s going to walk the chickens?

  18. pengwenn says:

    Ummmmm.. can someone tell me what is a “Wendy house”?

  19. NAGA - Information Services says:

    pengwenn: It is a house made for Wendy, very Short Tony people, and possibly the odd Peter. Not that Peter is that odd. A place where imaginary friends meet and share adventure.

    A sort of PSD but with doors and windows that fit.

  20. pengwenn says:

    Thanks NAGA for info ! I must say that I do wish we Yanks spoke a more proper English. Painting a “wendy house” sounds so much nicer than a play house. And even worse is the fact I see PLASTIC “wendy houses” here.

  21. Blossom says:

    I think Wendy house is named from J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan and Wendy” book. Please try reading it – much better and stranger than all the film attempts made.

  22. Pat says:

    pengwenn: you could do worse than look to Holland for ‘a more proper English.’

  23. Wendy says:

    My name is Wendy and I grew up with my own Wendy house at the bottom of the garden. It had a caravan door. With a lock.

    Good for getting drunk in as a teenager away from the parents, I recall. And the rest!

  24. pengwenn says:

    On your reccomendation I shall pick up J.M.Barrie’s ” Peter Pan and Wendy” and read it on the beach this summer. Of course I will have to disguise it, as most of my girlfriends will be reading trashy “novels” full of sex and whatnot.

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