My wardrobes have arrived!!!

I got them off the ebay. I have been doing loads of shopping there recently. It is brilliant if you are in a community like ours. The wholesale massacre of rural shops by Mr Blair’s government means that there is no shop in the village where you can buy a wardrobe. It is all right for people like me who drive, but it is the old folk that suffer.

As we still have no telly, I decide to assemble them.

About forty-five minutes into the task, I realise the problem with figure (2). There is a dowel that is meant to attach part #7 to the base support part #3, but there is nowhere to insert it. It foxes me for ages. There is no hole!!! There is no hole where I am expecting a hole. I feel like Ray Davies in the song ‘Lola’.

It seems obvious that there is a discrepancy between the instructions and the actual parts, or at least part #7 (and possibly base support part #3). This may mean negative feedback!!! It is exciting.

I email the vendor about my hole issue. There also seems to be a notch issue as well, which means that my simple solution, to create a user-generated hole using a drill, will not work unless I create a user-generated notch using a saw and chisel. I am a bit shy of doing this ever since the debacle in the last property I owned, where I took several thousand pounds off the value of the home by adjusting the fitted wardrobes in the same sort of fashion.

I do not know if any readers can assist, as the vendor has yet to get back to me. If it is any help, it is part #7 we are talking about; base support part #3 seems to be generally sound except for the notch situation.

I leave the bedroom festooned with unpacked wood, and go to ring the aerial men again.