Weekend News Round-Up

Thank you for your good wishes. I am feeling fine now, thank you.

Reader Alan Sloman is walking from Land’s End to John o’ Groats!!! He is clearly barking mad, but to be fair the A30 is a bit of a nightmare at any time of year, and trains are too expensive especially 1st class.

You can give him money, for the hospices. I have only had good experience of hospices; they are great.

Tom the Ambulanceman wants a free laptop!!! He has broken ranks and got involved with the – er – ‘a bit flawed’ Love to Lead blog PR campaign run by Charlton Communications for Toshiba. Since I told them that there was no way top blog people would hand over traffic and content to their site without being paid, he has made me look an Idiot and Wrong.

Boooooo….he is undignified and a scab, but also seems a Nice Chap, is a good friend of a good friend and would like a new laptop. So go vote for him here.

Suggest not bothering to leave your email address on the voting page.

I still have no TV!!!