The lights go out!!!

I fumble my way to the bedroom window. It is not just the cottage – the whole village is pitch black. Even the street light is off.

“It’s a power cut,” I whisper, darkly.

The LTLP gives me a look (probably).

I crawl back into bed. Nothing happens, and continues to not happen for some time. We drift off to sleep.

There have been no developments by the morning. No lights, no heat, no freezer, no digital clock radio. Fortunately, although mains gas doesn’t run here, we have our own tanks and a gas hob.

I have a bright idea.

“I will take the Short Tonies a cup of tea,” I explain. “There is nothing worse than wanting a cup of tea if you can’t have a cup of tea. They will be really grateful.”

I am delighted with my neighbourly idea, and trot next door in the morning air.

“I just thought you might fancy a cup of tea,” I offer, goosely.

Short Tony does indeed fancy a cup of tea. In fact he looks extremely grateful for this. I win!!!

I scuttle back to the cottage to make tea. I realise that I have no milk. I have to return to Short Tony’s to borrow some milk. We are quits again.