The Chipper Barman raises his eyebrow.

“What’re you having?” asks Short Tony.

I gaze forlornly across the bar. “Pint of Wherry,” I conclude, passing over the stronger beers. “That’s the most Atkins-friendly, isn’t it?” I add anxiously.

I have been on the Atkins diet all day, and although I am tiring of its culinary tyranny, I am determined to stick to it. I sip my lesser-bodied beer, miserably.

For the grillionth time I wonder how I got myself into this situation. Against other males, my age, height and weight do place me comfortably into the norm group; unfortunately it is apparently the ‘Norm from Cheers’ group, and it would be better for me to do something about it.

However the main reason is that the LTLP said that it would be much easier for her to keep to the diet if I did it as well. She used a special sort of Voice to say this. So here I am.

Any messages of support would be welcome.