2005: Blogged. As advertised on the right hand side. Now available to pre-order from Amazon.

Edited by Tim, who has occasionally said very nice things about this small body of work, it’s a sort of anthology on the main events of the past year and what blog people wrote about them. Well that’s how I understand it, anyway. I haven’t actually read it yet.

Its specific ‘in the news’ subject matter means that its main contributors will (I guess) tend to be those people that mainly write about national current affairs and events etc., rather than mainly about their own lives and relationships. There is possibly a sister volume to be written on that front that would be at least as interesting.

Anyway, I have a bit in it, probably as some light relief. A bit like when Shakespeare brought on the thicko idiot characters to lighten the mood a bit when the heroine was faced with execution. It’s not new material (you can read it for free here (what a great salesman I am)) but it’s on proper paper and stuff.