Introspection alert – please skip this if not interested.

Well, it’s been an odd summer.

I have alluded a couple of times to odd professional things going, as they say, ‘tits up’. Such allusion is unlike me, as it’s not at all an interesting topic. But it’s tended to define my last few weeks in that I’ve been sat here in front of a PC all day trying to rescue things and generally holding my head in my hands and rocking back and forth.

I handle stress like this very badly. Some people see the glass half-empty, some people see it half-full. Personally I tend to assume that it’s half empty, but that also the contents are just about to be poured over my head by the big bloke standing next to me in the pub, after which he will smash it against the side of the bar and push it into my face.

It’s very frustrating. It’s difficult to write a journal that’s based on the key fact that I spend all day generally doing nothing and fucking about, when I have had no time whatsoever to do nothing, nor have I been able to perform much fucking about.

Advice from commenters about adapting my DVD player cheered me up immensely. I can do something now that I could not before, thanks to the miracle of the Internet and the fact that clever people read this (mainly because I am so funny and popular, so really I guess it was me that solved that particular issue all along).

So I will be back on track with my DVD review. Honestly, this will be the most longly-awaited DVD review in the world. I think if I do things like that I will probably post them at the weekend, as they’re slightly aside from the main point of this (doing nothing, fucking about, see above).

I did used to write the odd rubbish one on here. This one will be better, I promise.

But I would say that, wouldn’t I?