“Dear Jeremy Vine

Hullo, my name is JonnyB. I am the leading blogger in rural Norfolk, and I very much like your show. They should let it carry on through the afternoon rather than allowing Steve Wright on.

I am worried that our village Post Office might close at some point. Therefore I have written a song to draw attention to this and to get the issues across to the kids. If you play it on your influential radio show it will probably get to number 1 and the powers that be will not dare to make their move.

Most days next week would be good although probably not Wednesday, as I will be out.

You can download it from

Thank you very much in advance,


PS if you put it on your website to help spread the word then I would prefer it if you put the url on there rather than link directly to the file. Your technical people will tell you why and explain what an url is. Thanks.”