Continued from yesterday.

The Conservatives have been puzzling.

I understood that they have some big hotshot Australian advising them on communication this time round. But they don’t seem to be doing anything different on the marketing front. Once more, they have blown their entire budget on a heavyweight farmers fields campaign.

Surely – surely – in 2005 they must be able to think of some better way of engaging with young would-be voters than just putting ‘vote Conservative’ placards in farmers fields?

The Conservatives are the Ferodo Brake Pads of British politics. They have only one advertising strategy and, whilst Ferodo continues to enjoy excellent brand recognition amongst people who drive under railway bridges, neither organisation could be said to be in touch with the modern world.

The Liberal Democrats on the other hand, are big on leafleting. I got one the other day that was not reassuring. I quote: “Never again should we be taken into the Iraq war on false information manipulated by Tony Blair”.

This is a bit alarming – I had no idea that we were planning to go into the Iraq war again, or even that we’d left it the first time round. I am also worried that the chap makes no promise about not re-entering WW2 or the Boer War. There is clearly a secret agenda here.

Mr Kennedy is not very good in debates. But perhaps this is a good thing. We have always defined a good leader by ‘who would make the better arguer’ and perhaps it is time for a change.

So who do we advise you, the readers of JonnyB’s Private Secret Diary, to vote for?

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