Easter in the village!!!

I have a whole four days off from the exhausting work routine of sitting at home at the PC.

The sun emerges, so I decide to do some gardening.

There is a new series of Doctor Who starting tonight. I don’t know if you know about this – it’s a bit of a landmark and you would have thought the BBC would have at least done something to promote it. It stars Christopher Eccleston, who is a proper actor.

I think the new series should include an episode where the Doctor does battle with ground elder.

Ground elder is the Patrick Kielty of garden weeds. It gets fucking everywhere. You can dig it up, hoe it, spray it with noxious chemicals and it still pops its head up cheerfully where you least want to see it. I haven’t tried, but would imagine that it is pretty poor at reading from an autocue. Some people treat it as a vegetable. I just want it as far away from my property as humanly possible.

I do a lot of digging up, but get bored with that after about ten minutes and so spray loads of Round Up on the garden. Round Up is made by Monsanto, who are an EVIL CHEMICAL CORPORATION, but my dinner will be organic so I have kept to the spirit of balance in the Kyoto agreement. The spraying is backbreaking work, so I have to have a little sit down after another ten minutes.

I have enjoyed my gardening session. ‘Dig for victory’ they used to say, and I am pleased that I have done my bit to help our boys in Iraq. I put the kettle on for a cup of tea and settle down with a hot cross bun.