Well, it is good to be back in the relative civilisation of Norfolk.

I was shocked to open the newspaper to read about the HORRIBLE MURDER in North London.

A man was hacked agonisingly to death by an axe-wielding maniac in a quiet street. Several people witnessed this, but were powerless and helpless to do anything to intervene and save the innocent victim from his horrific doom.

So the facist government’s denial of citizens’ fundamental rights to carry a weapon has led directly to this man’s excruciatingly painful end. It is incidents like this that expose the reality of our nanny society’s ‘gun control’ laws – they lead to blameless victims being hacked to death in the street.

If, however, we were allowed to purchase and carry guns, none of this would have happened. The maniac could have simply shot his victim quietly and painlessly, causing him far less suffering and agonising torment when he died.

Rome is full of police with guns. They also wear sunglasses, which I think is a worrying combination. I think people should be allowed to have guns or sunglasses, but not both, as it makes them feel too macho.

When I’ve gathered my thoughts tomorrow, I’ll tell you all about how exciting the city is.