Happy Valentine’s day!!!

I have already got one card. It has a picture of two rabbits on the front and says ‘luv ya! xxx’ in it.

It is a good thing that the rabbits are trying to build bridges by sending me valentine’s cards. I am very impressed with their thoughtfulness and the fact that they were able to write it directly to me (as they do not have opposable thumbs).

I have so far got nothing from the LTLP.

I would also be disappointed not to get a delivery from at least two of the following:

THE FOXY GIRLS WHO WORK IN THE VILLAGE PUB – they might not as I am a client and it would be unprofessional. THE VEGETABLE DELIVERY LADY – ditto. She may just include a suggestive parsnip next time instead. KIRSTIE ALLSOPP (presenter of Channel 4’s ‘Relocation’ television programme) – not sure if she has my address, but it would be easy enough to get hold of as she has contacts in the estate agency business. SONIA THE TRAFFIC ANNOUNCER (ex KLFM, now Radio Norfolk) – she sends me secret coded messages in her traffic reports, so may not bother with a card and just stick to this.

I sit and eagerly await the post lady’s knock.