My bird bath is occupied!!!

With the Iraqi elections etc. this might not sound like big news to you (especially my Iraqi readers, whether you voted or whether you are logging on from the insurgents’ base).

But I have been gazing forlornly at my unoccupied bird bath since I was given it for Christmas.

“Wooohooo!!! Wooohoooo!!! Come on birdies, come and have a nice bath!” I have cooed, as I have stood out on the patio waving and beckoning to them, my pants round my ankles.

That last bit was a joke.

But now it is occupied!!!

I stare through the French windows, watching it take a bath. (But not in a pervy way). It seems very happy, and I am hoping this will encourage more of its fellow species to enjoy the facilities that I have provided.

Norfolk is full of birdwatchers, and I wonder whether they would be interested in this one. They are all a bit sad, but you must remember that they get the same thrill from seeing a bird as normal people do from witnessing the first heave of an early Class 37 drawing heavy freight out of the sidings and onto the West Coast Line.

My new birdy friend finishes its activities and shakes itself off (I do not provide towels). I would like to think that it chirps a happy ‘thank you’ to me.

But I cannot hear it through the window.