I have an issue with the rabbits.

The rabbits are generally entertaining. They frolic around the garden. Despite my being a hard-hearted alpha male, they amuse me with their rabbitty ways.

In return for this, I allow them the run of the lawn and do not eat them.

It is a good arrangement that has worked well over the years. But for the first time, they have started eating my plants.

I don’t know what has provoked this, but I cannot just stand idly by. They have struck at the very heart of my world. In fact, I am concerned that they have formed some sort of wild animal axis of evil with the rats that have been spotted in Short Tony’s garden. I may have to capture some and take pictures of them in some sort of rabbit pyramid or engaged in simulated sexual acts.

That will teach them. But they will probably not mind the latter, as they are rabbits.

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