Like many people, I was sad to hear that John Peel had died.

He really was an icon. He used to play really good classic rock stuff, like the Undertones and Pink Floyd and New Order.

Obviously I haven’t listened to his show since I was a teenager. I heard it a few months ago and he was putting on records by bands that I’d never heard of, which was very annoying. But truly I felt that I was his number one fan.

KLFM is our local radio station, and we have nobody at all like Mr. Peel. Even Sonia, the traffic announcer who used to send me secret coded messages in her reports, doesn’t seem to work there any more.

I am hungover and keep being sick.

Update – two hours later.

As I don’t write at the weekends, I always try to make a special effort to do something good on Fridays.

On close reflection, I feel that perhaps I haven’t achieved this today.

I’m feeling a bit better now. Enjoy your weekends, everyone.