My London friends have arrived!!!

Salvadore and Unluckyman have come to stay for a couple of days.

This gave me a problem. I have only one spare bed, so had to make a tricky decision as to who had to sleep on the floor.

If they had been girls then they would have no problem – they’d be happy to sleep together, sharing the same double bed. This is because girls are much less insecure about their sexuality than men are, plus they are a lot softer to the touch so it is beautiful.

As it is, I was a bit stumped. I could not choose between the two reasonable options:

– I sleep in the big bed, Unluckyman has the spare bed, Sal sleeps on the floor, or

– I sleep in the big bed, Sal has the spare bed, Unluckyman sleeps on the floor.

After all, I did not want to be unfair, or a bad host.

I had a brainwave, and emailed the Wise Woman.

“Simple,” she said, brightly. (Except by email, but it read like it was said quite brightly). “You show them the spare bed, and say that it’s theirs to share for the night. Unless, you say, as an aside, one of them doesn’t mind sleeping on the floor?”

I was knocked down in the rush for volunteers to sleep on the floor.

I’m glad it was all sorted out fairly.