Continued from last week

To recap, for readers who haven’t read Friday’s post, or who had a particularly heavy weekend, I have secretly employed a cleaner in order to appear that I am a ‘new man’. I will then get more sex from the LTLP.

Thursday morning.

My illicit secret cleaner arrived!!!

Mrs. Cleaner had only half her usual time, and we spent a lot of that on administrative matters, but she managed to do a sterling job on the kitchen. It’s white.

I squirreled her away, and even managed to get in a round of pitch and putt with Short Tony before the LTLP arrived home. I bathed, making sure to carefully wash my sex areas.

“Gosh! You’ve cleaned the kitchen!” she exclaimed.

I nodded modestly, mixing her a strong drink.

“And the cooker as well,” she observed.

“You’re home so early today,” I said. “Why don’t we go out to eat tonight? I’ll drive, so you can have another drink.”

Continued tomorrow