Unexpected hiatus.

This is frustrating.

Like many people, I charge by the hour for on the business front. So when I was asked if I could drop everything to be in London at 8.30 this morning, I couldn’t really turn it down.

Or I could have done, but ‘I have to write about really exciting developments at the Village Pub’ would have been frowned upon as an excuse, and would have perhaps lost me business long-term.

Clients, huh? All townies, you see.

It’s terribly annoying, as I’m off to a festival tomorrow, and the plan was to write something so amazingly, incredibly interesting and funny today, that it would last you for all the weekend.

Perhaps you’d return a couple of times to remind yourself, smile and shake your head in wonder. Then show the family when they turn up on Sunday.

Maybe give up blogging completely, knowing deep down in your gut that you could never match my interesting and amusing story about the Village Pub.

I have to get a system together for times like this.

Some people may have already guessed that all my commenting on other peoples’ blogs is outsourced to India. We had a couple of false starts – ‘If it please you I enjoy your tales of yourself and esteemed twat-boyfriend, might I invite you to humbly view my own web blog?’ – but now I’ve got a company that provides a pretty seamless service. It works well and saves me a whole lot of trouble.

So I need some sort of rapid-response service, that maybe I can SMS with the gist of what’s happened (‘The Village Pub has re-opened!!!’) and they’ll throw together the rest from an Access Database of funny sentences.

I may work on this business plan.

Had Norris McWhirter still been alive, I might have sent him this URL as a submission for ‘weakest blog post’. But he’s not, so all I can do is wish you a very happy weekend and we’ll speak on Monday.