Short Tony has a better telly. So we went next door to watch the football.

He has bought two new ‘Jimmy White’ cues for the snooker table. Signed, a picture of him and everything.

I have always felt a bit of a natural bond with Jimmy White, neither of us having ever won the Embassy World Snooker Championship.

However my respect for him has shot through the roof, getting to the level that he has whilst using a cheap lightweight plastic wood-effect cue. The man is clearly a genius.

Presumably as he has never won the thing, he can’t afford a real wood one, as used by the Hendries, Reardons, Griffithses etc. If all his fans actually put their hands in their pockets and made a solid contribution rather than just sit there occasionally shouting ‘come on Jimmy’ and getting told off by Len Ganley then the big prize might one day be his. (Note to self – must check if Len Ganley still does the refereeing.)

Talk is cheap, boys.