This post originally appeared on Naked Blog.

I go for a run.

Run! Run! Run!

Past the duckpond then right onto Cuckoo Hill. Haven’t been for ages and it shows.

This is a milestone run for me, in that I am wearing my NEW BRANDED RUNNING SHOES.

I don’t think I’ve ever had cool branded trainers before. I was a geeky unfashionable child with a mother who did not understand the importance of youth culture. This is probably why I am so excited to be one of the New Wave of Brit Bloggers (© 2004 Peter McNaked).

They are Nikes! I feel like the dog’s bollocks as I run, and make trendy street hand signals to the village kids with my thumb and little finger. Run! Run! Run!

When I bought them, I was torn between a cool brand and specialist running shoes. Then I found that Nike makes specialist running shoes and my problem was solved. They also make specialist badminston shoes, volleyball shoes, basketball shoes, squash shoes, discus shoes and table-tennis shoes. It is important to buy a pair for each sport you do, otherwise you will not perform to your optimum.

The point was that I was after serious sports wear, not fashion. I actually got them a few months back, but haven’t worn them up to now as I didn’t want to get them muddy. Run! Run! They are comfortable and bouncy.

I am concerned about Nike’s reputation for exploiting a vulnerable workforce.

However, I have the bright idea to make the run ‘ethics-neutral’. So, every ten paces, I make sure I think a very liberal thought. That way it balances out. I also resolve to read the Guardian extra hard when I get home.

The Cheerful Builder is beavering away on my return. By this point I am gasping for air, but the air is a combination of plaster dust and paintstripper (and air), so I sink into a patio chair outside. I need more exercise.

* * *

I’m home! So I’ll make myself a cup of tea and check out Hackney Lookout.

During my blog holiday very many interesting things have happened. Rabbits, hitchhikers, the works.

Back to normal next week. Have a good one.