This is not a political blog.

But this ‘New Labour’ government has no understanding whatsoever about the needs of the countryside. It’s a joke.

The fact is, that we NEED somebody in power to take local services seriously. To understand that the ‘countryside’ is not this twee little holiday resort for people in Range Rovers, but a living, breathing community of working folk with relatively low earnings, and some quite large social problems.

As it is, I’m desperate. The filter for the Dyson has broken and there is nowhere within twenty miles that can sell me a new one.

You might ask how I am expected to live like this. But we’ve learned to adapt and not expect help or sympathy from London.

I can feel my lungs clogging up with dust already. But do they give you Dyson filters on the NHS? Don’t bother checking – I can tell you the answer is ‘no’. And all that’s going to happen is that I’ll need to be admitted for a lung operation, and that will cost the country more in the long term.

It’s just insania.

Where do my taxes go??? I’ll tell you, as I got a very clear leaflet from the English Democrats Party pushed through the door yesterday.

“By paying £10 billion extra to Scotland under the Barnett Formula, Scots now have better [long list of better things] – all at the expense of the long suffering English Taxpayer!”

I have never heard this explained so clearly before, even though I know quite a bit about Scottish politics from listening to Marillion.

They are bleeding Britain dry, with their Barnett Formulae, monopoly on New Years Eves and breakaway separatist blog web rings. Although I do like the accent, and the Inspector Rebus books.

I read the leaflet again. It seems plausible.

“Not Right, Not Left, Just English” is their slogan.

Although I think the “But Mainly Right” bit probably dropped off at the typesetters.