Insular and self-absorbed post alert. Please scroll down for more interesting stuff.

The strapline’s changed.

There was a very good reason for the former strapline. That is, you need to choose one before Blogger will let you get on and write anything.

As sitting down and thinking about it would have been tantamount to reading the instructions before starting to use a dangerous new power tool, I didn’t bother.

It was, and is, still relevant. I am still worried about all the things that I was worried about before. To wit: ever since I’ve been working here on my own devoid of any human contact, I’ve been turning into a small-minded tight-fisted anal-retentive mentalist.

But I thought that it reinforced the Meldrew connotations of the blog title a little too much.

I don’t even like the ‘I don’t believe it’ title. Again, it was done off the top of my head. I’m still worried that it implies that I’m the sort of crazy guy that stands in the pub quoting catchphrases from well-known British comedy programmes.

Like smeg I am.

I won’t change the title now, as people have been kind enough to link to me, and it would cause them inconvenience.

If I did change it, I’d take a leaf from the Yellow Pages and rebrand myself AAAA1 AARDVARK BLOG SERVICES LTD. It would get me to the top of lists and stuff.

So we’re now ‘Broadcasting Live from Norfolk’. We’ll see how that goes.