The LTLP had a bad day at work yesterday. And a lousy commute this morning.

Consequently, I have been threatened with death should I produce another horrible dinner.

I blame Dr Atkins. He has been quite good to us in some ways, but bears full responsibility for the fact that I seem to have completely forgotten how to cook.

A month of ‘Cheese on a Bed of Eggs’, ‘Pan-fried Eggs with a Julienne of Cheese’ and – my favourite – ‘Oeuf et Fromage Surprise’ sort of sapped my will to create in the kitchen department, and now we’re back to eating normally I’m afraid my Ramsay is more Alf than Gordon.

So tonight it’s back to basics with a can’t-fail new-man treat-her-like-a-goddess banker evening. A crispy, crackly baked pasta stuffed with smoked bacon, tomato and pepper. Nicely chilled Sav Blanc on the side. And the video of yesterday’s ‘University Challenge’, which promised to be an exciting quarter-final battle between London Met and some Cambridge college.

Now come on ladies. Don’t say you wouldn’t just FALL into bed after that…