I had to throw away three lemons yesterday. They were soggy, skulking in the bottom of the fridge. This is all down to the LTLP’s refusal to think ahead and make proper plans as to what we will eat/drink for the rest of the week. When I shop it is far more organised.

I log on to Tesco.com. The lemons retailed at a value of £0.17 each, making a net loss of £0.51. This is unacceptable.

I am grumpy as Big A goes back to work today. It’s the end of an era, and means the end of our weekly games of Risk. Me and Short Tony turning up like kids, sticking the kettle on, checking out the scar on his leg and then settling down for four-hour strategy games – they were great times. Great times.

Just the three of us. It was like Last of the Summer Wine, although to be fair we’re a lot younger, nobody got pushed down a hill in a bathtub and there were generally more laughs.

It’s like the end of the school holidays.

This gives me one less excuse to avoid getting in new work.