I don’t normally cross-post work-related stuff on here, as I am keen to retain at least some of my clients, but I’ve been spending the past couple of weeks writing stuff for the board game Articulate!’s Facebook page – so if you’re interested then do pop on over.

It’s for a funny little competition that was a bit inspired by the comments box here – from this week, we’ll be posting a daily ‘clue’ on the page with a view to giving out prizes for the funniest responses to it (not the ‘correctest.’) Just to see what happens, really. And because Facebook pages for products are usually, let’s face it, boring.

Full instructions are over there, as I probably didn’t explain that very well. But go ‘like’ the Facebook page if you want to take part – I’d be chuffed if you do – and I’ll see you there. It’s very much being done as a bit of fun rather than a heavy marketing exercise – I wouldn’t be promoting it here if it wasn’t – so I’m hoping it’ll work well and that, ummm, they’ll pay me to do it again.

[NB if anybody else here wants to pay me to write interesting things for them then do get in touch.]

[NNB Private Secret Diary will remain free.]

[NNNB You need to have a Facebook account to do the above. Sorry if you don’t, and feel left out.]

11 thoughts on “Articulate! on Facebook

  1. MB says:

    Interesting, it appears to be a gym for the comedy muscle.

  2. “Work-related”, Jonny? Seriously? You’re taking a pub game that you’d have to be pissed to play in the first place and calling it work?

    No plans, I see, to pass along any share of the promised payments to us. Easy as it is for me to resist such a self-evident timesuck as Facebook, you have just made it a little easier, and I salute you for it…

  3. spazmo says:

    Am I right in thinking Articulate! is basically a British version of the “$25,000 Pyramid”?

    So…Jonny is basically a British version of Nipsey Russell?

  4. spazmo says:

    Also, if you’re still considering baby names – NIPSEY.

  5. Sheppitsgal says:

    Done that. Do I win a prize?

  6. guyana gyal says:

    I’m doing something similar…listening to music, pretending it’s work, looking for songs that I can use to teach English. har.

  7. Z says:

    But I’m not funny. I mean, people laugh at me, but not because of my wit or anything. I’ll go and ‘like’ it, of course.

    I gave a copy of your book as a birthday present last week. I haven’t heard yet if the recipient liked it (not ‘liked’ it). She may not talk to me again, of course. Though I did give a proper present too, as a back-up.

  8. Tired Dad says:

    Jumped. The. Shark.

    Finally, thank God – for the rest of us.

  9. JonnyB says:

    Golly. Yes. Nice to see those who popped over. I have a bit of a love/hate thing with Facebook so it will be interesting to see how it works.

    Not sure I understand comment #8 there!!!

  10. Tired Dad says:

    Probably because it makes NO SENSE. Do ignore me.

  11. Pat says:

    I feel I’m a bit of a let down as a commenter because I don’t get Face book but I wish you well.

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