I produce a movie as part of my continuing professional marketing efforts.


  1. The Palme d’Or committee is calling a quick session to consider the new independent filmmaker from the village.

    The Beverly Hillbillies called. They want their stage-set back.

  2. Film directing! – is there no end to your amazing talents Jonny?

  3. I love those Lego Wii things. There’s effectively no scenario into which you can’t insert a Lego Darth Vader and have him chop everyone up into so much cat food. Being an incurable optimist, I’m rather looking forward to your next chapter on those grounds alone…

  4. Cartoon LTLP is hot.

  5. My favorite part is when she says “I will be cross”

  6. I quite like the rugged, manly stubble that cartoon you is sporting. Just a hint of hair for a subtly sexy look. And those bedroom eyes! And the sensual animatronic voice! I am surprised cartoon LTLP was not swooning.

  7. To be honest Valerie I had to tone him down from his original 100% representation of me. But yes. It is a good likeness, I must admit. Thank you. (And what an excellent blog you have)

    MB – secret revealed: she is not really Scottish. But the accent is a bit foxy, no?

    Annoyingly it was impossible to get the farmer to do a Norfolk accent. So he ended up Irish. Ironically he actually IS Scottish. But not at all foxy.

  8. Lucy: same here. Although it is funny how you can laugh at stuff on film that is really quite alarming in real life.

  9. Excellent, Jonny – I love a good drawing-room drama.

    (Or does this count as “dinner theatre”?)

  10. Siskel or Ebert, whichever one isn't dead

    First rate production. Bravo. I especially enjoyed the soundtrack. Cinematography was equally beautiful. Being of a critical and truthful nature though, I feel compelled to say that I found the leading actress’s performance to be a little wooden. I couldn’t *quite* feel the chemistry.

    The butcher is an entirely different story. After such a stunning debut performance, I anticipate seeing a lot more of her in the future. If I were you I’d move heaven and earth to get her under contract before she comes up on the big boys’ radar. And she WILL. I’m thinking… young Hepburn. (Audrey, of course.)

  11. Wow, the cottage is a lot bigger than I imagined…

  12. That chandelier just sets the room off SO nicely

  13. Er yes… you had to pay in order to access different backgrounds, and I thought… well it’s a BIT cottagey, and…

    Well I have a piano, anyway.

  14. A familiar conversation in that film.

  15. MB, you worry me šŸ˜‰

  16. You should offer a free potato with each book purchase. If only to get rid before the LTLP gets cross…

  17. I’m with Jayne, I was impressed by the size of the cottage, although I guess that as this is Hollywood, a degree of license has been used and maybe your stairs aren’t quite that wide.

  18. personally, i’m very impressed that the delivery man teleported through the door without bothering to open it.

  19. personally, iā€™m very impressed that the delivery man teleported through the door without bothering to open it.

    They do that in Norfolk. I think it’s something to do with the inbreeding…

  20. I agree LTLP is kinda hot – love them leggings!

  21. Please don’t take down this movie…I haven’t seen it as yet as I have a slow connection….

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