Happy Christmas.


  1. You know, up to now I naturally assumed that all your references to banjo strumming were some sort of euphemism, Jonny. But I’m sure everyone will join me in accepting your Yuletide greeting in the spirit in which it is offered. Merry Christmas to you and yours, dear boy, and best wishes for the New Year…

  2. I think the Queen should do her Christmas message accompanied by a banjo, it would make the whole holiday a lot more bearable.

  3. A little Scruggs pickin’, eh, Johnny B?

    Happy holidays, as they say in the Appalachians.

  4. If our local department stores had piped in that music during the holidays, shopping would’ve been a good deal less stressful. I could listen to that all day. Thanks, JonnyB!

    (And hurrah for the repaired washer – otherwise you’d have been strumming shirtlessly, in accordance with hayseed tradition.)

    Merry Christmas to all!

  5. Haha lol to Ivan the Terrible.

    But nicely done. Very retro.


  6. merry xmas fattie

  7. Merry Christmas from across the pond. [I thought you were a piano man]

  8. Beautiful. Thank you.

  9. That is my second favorite musical offering of this year – right after my son playing Adeste Fideles on his electric guitar with the help of his new effects pedal. This means you beat the tar out of the entire CD I was given of the Norman Nabertwackle Choir with special guest spot by Angela Landsbury. I didn’t listen enough to get to the point where murder was done and Angela stopped singing We Need a Little Christmas just long enough to solve the whole thing and mentor the urchin who turns the sheet music page over, but I’m sure it was delightful.

    Hope your holidays are filled with all the important stuff like love and joy and peace and very, very clean skivvies.

  10. That’s a nice stripey jumper Jonny. Looks like it has some angora in it.
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas with plenty of puddin’. Thanks for the banjo clip and all your humorous contributions during the year xx

  11. Aw, I’m filled with peace and love now.

  12. I wonder whether the banjo was created to play Silent Night?

    I’m not sure whether you noticed this, but there were times in that when you were playing more than one note – at the same time.

  13. the only thing which could top that would be a william shatner cover.

  14. This has added a whole new spiritual dimension to my Christmas. Can I book you for a carol service next year?

  15. Blimey. You’re actually rather good! I didn’t expect that.

  16. Happy Christmas everybody and thank you for your expressions of interest, etc. I am currently not available for paid engagements, but this may change in future – please subscribe to this website in any feed reader and I will post when the situation changes.

    Happy New Year.

  17. so, please to stop messing about having fun with the family and get posting. Some of us have no other life. *sob*

  18. Yeah baby! I was afraid you were going to play Cohen’s dreary dirge.
    Happy New Year and keep it up!

  19. P.S. I’m worried about Ivan.

  20. You probably didn’t realise this but, when you started off it was as if you were a not very good banjo player, then getting towards the end, it turned out you could play properly after all.

  21. Oh, by the way, I like your knobs.

    Happy New Year.

  22. Thank you, but I am afraid that you are wrong. I have a lousy right hand, and right hand is everything on the banjo. My left is adequate, my right less so.

    Incidentally, I was going to record ‘Hallelujah’ itself, on the banjo and kazoo, perhaps with some swanee whistle during the choruses, to make an interesting and perceptive musical point. But I didn’t have time.

  23. What a wonderful Christmas gift!!!

    I’ve always wanted to see you play the banjo and now that I have, I am fulfilled.

  24. What’s happening for Easter?

  25. “I have a lousy right hand, and right hand is everything on the banjo”

    Stop it, Jonny! My forebearance has limits, and we don’t want to be ditching any New Year’s resolutions quite so early in the day, thank you very much…

  26. Oh come on, where are you! – what on earth are you doing that’s more important than your blog? Leave the decorations up, Jonny.

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