Occasional Weekend Bulletin Thing

Three years. Must get a life.

Magnus Magazine has asked me to submit some stuff to them!!! It is exciting. It showcases creative work and provides useful information and advice on starting a creative career. I have spent the past few years bashing my head against a large wall attempting to finish a bloody creative career, but it would be quite fun to have some stuff up there.

But what? Does anybody have a favourite post from way back that I should include?

And Amnesty International have sent me an email!!! It is good of them. Probably the worst thing about living with the LTLP and next door to Short Tony is that you lose hope that anybody cares, but now Amnesty are taking an interest I am hoping that conditions will improve.


Boooooo – they just want me to showcase this video of Noel Fielding and some other bloke I don’t recognise, as a promotion for The Secret Policeman’s Ball. They should know that I don’t do unpaid promotions, except for arms manufacturers and makers of leg irons etc. But Noel and I go back a long way; I went to a lot of his early shows and he tripped over my feet once. So if it will help him with his career then I am happy to oblige.

And there is a short questionnairey thing by me here, if you’re interested. It is in large type for the hard of eyesight.